Safety and Rehabilitation Books

Text and reference books for Safety and Rehabilitation

"Rehabilitation.  Work and Beyond."

Setting the Scene

1. Introduction to Rehabilitation - Dr Margaret Ross


2. Supporting a Sustainable Entry or Return to Work. Before Return to Work Activities - Tanya Barrett & Desiree Monteiro


3.  Model of Management for the Prevention of Ill-health, Injury and Long Duration Workers’ Compensation Claims -  Dr. Sherrilyn Mills, Dr Janis Jansz & Adjunct Professor Rob Guthrie


Business Perspective

4. Business Perspective: Organization Structures to Support Workplace Rehabilitation and Injury Management - Tanya Barrett


5. Overview of Workers' Compensation Legislation in Australia and other Countries - Desiree Monteiro


6. Cost Benefit Analysis of Workplace Rehabilitation - Angela Little


7. Case Study of Coventry Group Ltd.  Avoid Crippling your Business. - Steve Rayner                                                                                   


8. A Journey from High Workers' Compensation Cost to High Productivity and Positive Staff Outcomes - Dr Michael Preece and Melita Busby.


9. Department of Fire and Emergency Services Case Study. Managing Sick and Injured Workers - A Question of Leadership. - Karen Roberts, Wayne Gregson and  Elana Strickland.

Interventions supporting return or entry to the work place

Section A - Services and interventions.                                                            

10. The Role of the Occupational Physician in Workplace Rehabilitation. - Adjunct Associate Professor Peter Connaughton


11. Fitness Conditioning - Robust Sustainable Physical Fitness for Work - Suzanne Ammerer


12. Workplace Rehabilitation Process and Overview of Key Interventions - Leisha Smith, Tristan Smith and Diane Culley.


13. Functional Capacity Evaluation: Description and Uses in the World of Work. - Debra Browne


14. Commercial FCEs – Understanding the Importance of Reliability and Validity - Tanya Barrett


Interventions supporting return or entry to the work place

Section B - Evidence based practice in treatment and partnering with treatment providers


15. Referring to a Physiotherapist - (when and why). - Robin Horne and Glenys Anson


16. Soft Tissue Occupational Therapy and its Place in Workplace Rehabilitation. - Tamaryn Knell and Ben Muni


17. When and Why to refer to a Psychologist? - Tammy Edwards


18. Managing Workers with Complex Psychological Issues Claims. - Collette Molloy

Management of Return to Work, Rehabilitation & Claims


19. Insurance Brokers: An Under-Utilised Key Player in Rehabilitation. - Kevin Reed


20. Injury Management: In-house vs External Workplace Rehabilitation - Sheree Yorke and Elana Strickland


21. Key Strategies to Enhance Success in Return to Work Case Management - Nigel Gribble and Trish North


22. Advanced Case Management Strategies - Nigel Gribble and Trish North


Quality Management


23. Rehabilitation Checklist for Practitioners - Debra Browne and Tanya Barrett


24. What does it Take to be an Effective Workplace Rehabilitation Provider? - Elana Strickland, David Mackiewicz and Larissa Markovina


25. Workplace Rehabilitation: Are you providing a Quality Service? - Jordan Carter-Lynn